Benefits of Matcha and travel pillows from yo.urenzo

Yo.urenzo is a well-known internet company that makes and sells a wide range of products. Out of its products, matcha and travel pillows are the most famous. This is because of the various benefits buyers and users of these quality products get to enjoy. Some of these are:

Benefits of Matcha
Matcha Green Tea is a 100% organic product from Enzo. It has the unique ability to boost the metabolic rate in users, which enables them to burn more fat and lose weight. High metabolism also gives you the extra energy you need for your day. is also a natural detoxifier and antioxidant. The product is rich in catechin polyphenols that are known to protect the human body from cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and provide improves the health of the user’s skin. Matcha’s chlorophyll content also destroys chemicals in one’s body and remove all toxins.

Additionally, the green tea is known to enhance both one’s mood and his or her memory. The amino acid L-theanine in the tea is responsible for this. Moreover, this chemical enables the human brain to relax and achieve better focus making it the ideal product if you want to enhance your productivity either at work or in class. Lastly, the tea tastes two times better than ordinary tea and always smell fresh.
Benefits of travel pillows
Travel pillows from come in three colors: red, blue, and grey. Travelers love these high-tech travel pillows since their unique design enables them to offer maximum lower neck support, and can be used at home, office, car, train, or plane. The pillows also have a layer of cooling gel that absorbs heat from the neck ensuring the region does not overheat.

The Travel Pillows & Portion Control Containers from Enzo are also made from quality and high-grade foam. This quality foam enables it to rebound slowly in conformation with the pressure applied to it by your neck ensuring your neck stays at the position you want it to stay.

Health Benefits Of Taking Matcha Organic Green Tea

As a part of the longstanding tradition in Japanese tea culture, enzo matcha tea is the highest quality green tea powder available in the market today. This amazing product comes only from Japan where nutrient rich green tea leaves are finely picked from shade-grown Camellia sinensis plant. These young tender leaves are steamed, stemmed and their veins are also removed before it is stone ground into a fine, green powder. In order to preserve its anti-oxidant properties and brilliant green color, it is stored away from light and oxygen. Visit for more information

In the far east, this product has been consumed for years and today, it is among the most popular superfoods in the market due to several health benefits. Some of these amazing health benefits are mentioned below:

Improves memory and concentration: Green tea leaves are rich in L-Theanine and matcha Japanese organic green tea is rich in this amino acid content. It serves to enhance mood, promote better concentration and improves memory.
Boosts energy level and endurance: While the other green teas boost your energy with caffeine content present in them, organic matcha tea powder boosts your energy due to the combined effect of its nutrients.
Burns unwanted calories: Unlike many other diet aids, matcha helps you antioxidants weight in a natural way without any side effects. By increasing the metabolism of the body, its burns unnecessary fat four times faster than average.

Fortifies the immune system: With substantial quantities of vitamin A and C, iron, potassium, protein and more nutrients, matcha tea strengthens your immune system and promotes your overall health.
Detoxifies the body: Organic matcha tea powder is a natural, powerful detoxifier as it eliminates chemical toxins and heavy metals naturally from the body.

Enhances calm alertness: L-Theanine promotes the production of alpha-waves in the brain. This, as a result, induces relaxation and calm alertness.

Apart from this, taking this tea on a daily basis prevents cancer and signs of aging. This is because of the presence of high level of anti-oxidants in this tea powder. Tea leaves are ground slowly and smoothly to ensure that no nutrients are lost and freshness remains in it. Even, if matcha powder comes from Japan, it is always possible to buy it without going out of budget or compromising the quality of the product.

The best matcha tea powder can be purchased online from websites at exactly which enjoy the reputation of being dependable providers. To ensure that you are taking a completely organic, fresh and healthy product, it is imperative to buy organically certified organic enzomatcha tea powder online. These days, worldwide customers are buying ceremonial grade matcha powder online and replacing it with their regular teas. To promote your overall health and keep yourself energized throughout the day, taking matcha green tea is the easiest and most reliable way.

Enzo Comfort Travel Pillow

I never would have thought that the Enzo Comfort Travel Pillow would be responsible for finding me the love of my life! Not that long ago, I was travelling across country on a bus – I was tired and bored. My ex had left me after 3 years together, declaring that he needed space’, my job was awful and I had just had a terrific row with my mother. Not a good start to anyone’s week, I’m sure you would agree?Anyway, the bus quickly filled up and I tried to look as grumpy as possible so that no-one would want to sit by me and then HE got on board! The most scrumptious man I had ever set eyes on, and he sat next to me! (Yay’, my flirty side said; no’ screamed my sensible side.) I tried not to look too closely at this Adonis of a man and as he didn’t seem to want to talk, we settled down for the journey, As I said, I was tired and I could feel my eyelids beginning to droop. A snore escaped my lips and I startled myself; I looked around guiltily to see if anyone had noticed and Adonis man was smiling at me. I could feel myself flush and turned away from him but couldn’t get comfortable. I turned again and before I knew it, I must have fallen asleep on his shoulder!

I rubbed my eyes and looked to the left of me, and was horrified to notice that there was a dribble of drool on the gorgeous man’s shoulder! I was mortified! “Hey, use this”, he smiled, handing me an Enzo Comfort pillow. “I never travel without one”. I smiled gratefully and put it behind my neck. Oh my word! It was super comfortable and before long, I was once again asleep. When the journey ended I realized that Adonis was about to get off without taking his pillow. “Hey, stop, take this,” I smiled, handing him the Enzo Comfort back.“You can keep it,” he grinned. “I have another at home.”“Well at least let me pay you for it?”“I’m in a rush, call me,” he smiled, thrusting a business card into my hand.The rest, as they say, is history. I called him and we began dating around 3 weeks later. We are now going on vacation together and we will both take an Enzo Comfort travel pillow (– after all it was what brought us together in the first place!